Our Purpose

To provide sustainable food in everyone’s everyday life. Our products come with easy-to-do recipes and inspiration for a healthier and more sustainable life for us and our planet.


How has it been going?

Since Vildora’s launch we have been successful in distributing high quality, ZERO climate impact proteins with personal and green deliveries to our customers’ doorstep.

Welcome to Vildora

We are thrilled to have you here. Get a taste of Vildora’s story, vision/mission and plans below. 

What is Vildora?

Vildora is an online marketplace that sells and delivers game meat from hunters to consumers in big cities in Sweden. Our marketplace will soon expand and offer other types of groceries from local small and medium-sized producers. 


Vildora's Why

In the light of climate crisis, a solution that is often suggested is to cut out the consumption of meat altogether. And it is not surprising – according to the data from the UN, problematic global consumption of (mainly) red meat causes 18% of all pollution in the world today. Game meat, on the other hand, emits ZERO pollution when it comes to production. By replacing beef with game meat it is possible for consumers to still enjoy red meat with great taste - all while caring for the environment and supporting local producers.

Whats next?

Our success has made its reputation. We are currently in the process of expanding together with 40+ locally produced food brands. Our plans for the future:

1. Pivot from "game meat online" to "marketplace with local & sustainable foods" (like WholeFoods in US).

2. Launching our own ZERO-climate-impact-meat-brand in stores and online together with huge partnerships (!)

3. Continue making real impact inspiring customers to substitute beef and other non-sustainable foods.

For more information or to get our our pitch, shoot us an email to: